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Providing Free Technical Assistance During a Full-Scale War: ISTEL 3000 on Guard for Infrastructure Reliability


Ukraine is going through a challenging period where every effort becomes crucial, especially in areas critical to the country. This is why ISTEL 3000 continues its mission: ensuring the reliability and operation of equipment for clients affected by the military actions.

With Ukrainian infrastructure under threat, ISTEL 3000 is on call around the clock to provide urgent technical assistance. Most of Ukraine's digital telephone exchanges, produced by ТМ ISKRATEL, are not only strategically important but also require reliable operation.

In partnership with Kontron, ISTEL 3000 provides free assistance in restoring the operation of equipment that was damaged as a result of hostilities. Assistance is provided only to companies that are of strategic importance to the economy and security of the state. Thanks to a qualified team of technical specialists, a reserve of components, and experience with the equipment, ISTEL 3000 is ready to provide a variety of assistance. This includes equipment diagnostics, expert consultations, or direct participation of specialists in restoring the operation of equipment. Additionally, ISTEL 3000 offers alternative solutions to restore system functionality as quickly and efficiently as possible.

During a full-scale war, ISTEL 3000 remains committed to its mission – ensuring the reliability and safety of technical systems. Rest assured, we stand by your side and are ready to help in any situation.

For more information about our technical support program, please contact our customer service department.



The ISTEL 3000 Team

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