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Kontron Switches to Ubuntu: A New Step Towards More Reliable, Secure, and Efficient Embedded Systems


ISTEL 3000, the official representative of Slovenian company Kontron, informs its clients about an important update from the manufacturer. Kontron has transitioned its platform from a general Linux distribution to Ubuntu for embedded systems and solutions. This update is significant for the further development and support of the company’s products.

The key reason for this transition is Ubuntu’s reliable support for IoT and embedded applications. Ubuntu is renowned for its comprehensive IoT app store (Snap Store), which offers advanced software version management capabilities. The Ubuntu Snap Store provides access to applications worldwide, supporting over-the-air (OTA) updates and secure confined application environments. This makes Ubuntu a favourable choice for supporting and deploying software on distributed devices.

Kontron has also certified its hardware, particularly the MSP8050 blade system, for seamless operation with Ubuntu. This ensures compatibility and the use of Ubuntu's long-term support for stability and security in industrial applications. Thus, users can be confident in the reliability and uninterrupted operation of their systems.

For ISTEL 3000 clients, the transition to Ubuntu brings several significant advantages, including:

  1. Enhanced Security: Ubuntu offers secure confined application environments, reducing vulnerability risks.

  2. Automatic Updates: OTA update support ensures the software remains current and operates smoothly.

  3. Long-Term Support: Utilizing Ubuntu's long-term support guarantees stability and security over an extended period.

  4. Advanced Management Capabilities: Snap Store allows effective management of software versions and distribution.

For specific instructions or additional assistance, clients can contact ISTEL 3000’s support service (, which will provide help according to the specific equipment configuration. Additional information is also available on the Kontron website (

Kontron's transition to Ubuntu is a step towards more reliable, secure, and efficient embedded systems, providing competitive advantages for users of Kontron's equipment in their daily activities.


The ISTEL 3000 Team!

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