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About us

ISTEL 3000 is a leading Ukrainian supplier and performer of comprehensive and high-performance services for telecommunications equipment.

We guarantee that with our services, your IT environment and telecommunications network will always operate at optimal levels.

The ISTEL 3000’s team is available around the clock to promptly and professionally assist you in resolving your issues. We are constantly improving our knowledge and experience in deploying and maintaining complex systems, networks, and infrastructure. That is why our comprehensive support is responsible and efficient, serving as the foundation for a smart, secure, and digital future for participants in the telecommunications market in Ukraine.

Who are we?

The Ukrainian company ISTEL 3000 is recognized as the sole exclusive partner of the Slovenian company KONTRON in Ukraine. We supply telecommunication complexes under the ISKRATEL brand and provide service, warranty, and post-warranty maintenance, repair, and other services for equipment components and software products manufactured by KONTRON.

Since July 2023, KONTRON has been the new name of the company formed after the merger of the Slovenian companies S&T and ISKRATEL, with unchanged headquarters in the city of Kranj, Slovenia. 

KONTRON is a leading European provider of comprehensive and high-performance solutions with a wide portfolio of digitization in various areas combined with operational and reliable support. The company has offices in over 50 countries worldwide.

By combining telecommunications and information technologies, ISTEL 3000 creates and provides advanced integrated solutions for fixed and mobile communication operators, for clients of critical infrastructure, including railways, energy enterprises, and many others. These solutions play a crucial role in the development of a progressive, stable, and secure society.


At a time when the demand for communication is at an all-time high, ensuring the continuous operation of high-tech communication networks is becoming an increasingly important challenge. ISTEL 3000's maintenance services regularly check your network health, troubleshoot errors, perform network optimization and hardware repairs, and provide regular software updates to optimize performance and ensure the lowest long-term cost of ownership for your equipment. 

ISTEL 3000 offers maintenance services for both warranty and non-warranty equipment based on service support agreements.


The service center is the single point of contact for all clients. Our service center team provides support, management, and maintenance of IT systems and programs that are crucial to our clients' businesses.

The customer-oriented approach of ISTEL 3000 and KONTRON facilitates collaboration with the most powerful companies in Ukraine.

ISTEL 3000 is a reliable partner and a responsible choice on your path to development in the digital future.

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